UNITY (VPN) is a network solution that provides data communication services to the end user by using an IP-based backbone network with Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) technology and network access to a wide range of Fiber Optic (FO) technologies.


ATM and Frame Relay technology is a connection-oriented technology, in which each
virtual circuit must be set up with the signaling protocol before transmission. IP is a connectionless protocol in which the routing protocol to determine the direction of packet delivery by exchanging routing information. MPLS represents a convergence of the two approaches. MPLS - Multi-Protocol Label Switching is a network architecture that integrate label swapping mechanism with Network Routing layer in order to speed up packet delivery. MPLS network consists of MPLS Node, in the form of an MPLS Router called Label-Switched Router (LSR) circuit. In this MPLS network, any IP packet will be added a label with the same length to represent a specific domain, in which a particular domain will represent a customer's private Norlec network. MPLS Node will forward traffic by looking at the label on the IP packet. With the process of labeling an IP packet in MPLS, it allows for a high scalability and fast routing process.